Mexican Fire Agate Cabochon Pendant + 20" Silver Snake Chain


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Those shown in photo #1 are not for sale and shown purely as eye-candy for your viewing pleasure.  Please believe me that the photos do not do them justice.  They are at least 3 times more beauty-full in person.
One of my hidden passion stones is the Mexican Fire Agate.  We have them here in Arizona too and I have some hidden in my personal stock, but after numerous requests I took the leap of faith and invested in a few beauties bought directly from the miner and his family in Tucson this week 2/17/2019.
These were hand-mined in Mexico and they arduously hand-carved.  This is an art and takes decades of experience to do well to bring out the color in these gorgeous gems without going too deep and ruining them.  I've never myself had the courage to try as I would be heart broken if I ruined one.
Ferdinand has being doing this for 50 years now and his most beauty-full pieces go for $700 each (see photo #1).  You can see them in Photo #1.
I will mount them in an appropriate sized bead-cage and provide a 20" Silver Snake Chain as a bonus so you can wear her right out of the box.
Brand New Stock from Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.  More information to come.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It is truly an honor I hold in high regard.
Dan (Chief Customer Servant)
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