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We started this business January 16th of 2016 on Dan's birthday.  With a great love of crystals and people we set off to provide beautiful crystals to beautiful people. In just a few years now, we've had the blessed privileged of having served over 120,000 customers who have bought from us here, and on eBay & Amazon and have earned Top Seller Plus Status and 100% Positive Feedback.

We love God (the Creator, Master of the Universe, the Higher Power, or whatever your interpretation of the same is) and His/Her Creations (People, Minerals, Gems, and all we humans can see, feel, and experience). We also love to be a blessing to our customers & provide value beyond their expectations in products & services.

What makes our Crystal / Gemstone products different? 

1) All of our products come with a Moroccan Selenite Charging Crystal (if not a Selenite Charging Station).  In order to honor our dearly loved Metaphysically inclined customers and in order to retain the Metaphysical Integrity of all of our items, we charge and cleanse all of our products with Selenite.  The come with a crystal so that our dearly loved customers can charge / cleanse them crystal beauty when they come into possession of them.  It also helps protect the Metaphysical Integrity of the Product while she waits for you at an Amazon Warehouse and when she travels home to be with You.  So, when you buy a Crystal Beauty from us, her Natural Metaphysical Value will have been reset to Maximum and she will arrive that way when she makes it home to You.

2) We only sell 100% Genuine Natural Crystals / Gemstones Products. We're one of very few approved vendors to sell Natural Gemstone Crystal Products in the Jewelry Category on Amazon. This approval required that we send Amazon samples of our products to a third-party laboratory, who then tested and certified them as Genuine & Natural (Untreated) and they all passed with flying colors.

We only sell natural with only a couple of Metaphysician approved man-made ones like Opalite.

What is Zenergy?

Peaceful, Positive Energy and we infuse all of our products & service with it. We have the intention to infuse every Crystal Beauty we send home with Zenergy (Peace-full Positive Energy) and it has been evident to us that thousands of dearly loved customers of ours have received that, which is very affirming & a blessing to us to hear. :-)

How do we compare to other sellers?

We believe that we have been blessed by God only for the reason to be a blessing to others.  Our end goal is not about making a profit.  We re-invest all profits in order to expand out abilities to be a greater blessing to others.  New products, better boxes, and numerous other ways to increase the blessing that we become to those souls that have blessed us with the opportunity to serve them.  So, when it comes to your happiness.  If for any reason you are not happy we go above and beyond what others would say is a reasonable effort to please You.  We may not always be able to grant others their exact specific requests, but we do our best, within our means, to build a life-long relationship with our dearly loved customers.

What is our Purpose?

Our Purpose is bringing Joy, Love, and Light into Your life with the products we offer. It is truly an honor to be allowed to have an impact on your life and your family/friends.

Your Joy is our Joy and that is why Diana & I do this. Our purpose is to bring you Joy, Delight, and Wonder with our beautiful crystal friends no matter how you use them. If they are doing this then we are succeeding in our purposes together.

What is our mission and what drives us?

We truly are a life-impact-centered business.  We love to hear how much our customers love our products, but what really drives us are the stories we get every day on how we have impacted others and made their lives better.

We've received hundreds and hundreds of testimonies from our dearly loved customers, but here are a couple to give you a sense of what really drives Diana and I.

- Like the story of a truly lovely soul who has a family of Huskies.  One of which is fighting cancer named Kya.  This mom of several dogs first came to us to buy a Blue Kyanite Ruby Heart Pendant to put on Kya's dog collar while she is going through cancer treatments. She has sent numerous updates and has also bought her other lovely dogs Heart Pendants.  For her we made a difference and that is a blessing to Diana and I. 

- Years ago early on I sent some Arizona Apaches Tears to a dearly loved customer and she sent me a short story on how it impacted her and her family.  She and her Husband a four kids spent their Thanksgiving outside in the new-dawn sun praying together and giving thanks to God all while each holding an Apache Tear in the Sun.  It built a going to the grave memory that they will all remember for a lifetime.

- One of the things that bring me great Joy is to send random added blessing gifts with orders to dearly loved customers.  Sometimes they are kind of a go-to item of the month, but most often they are intuitively led gifts and I have had my obedience to my calling of my own intuition, greatly validated by hundreds of testimonies of how "this was the perfect gift for Me at this time in my life".  But, one recently was from a gal who has had the "toughest year of my life".  I sent her a small Selenite Pocket Puffy Heart, which was the perfect gift for her during this time, and has "got me through 9 months of stuggle"..."I've carried her in my pocket or purse EVERY DAY".  She will never forget this aid to her life and I feel blessed to have had such a positive impact on her life.  I am truly blessed that she was truly blessed and it is likely that her blessing will be paid forward into the world by the blessing she bestows on others.


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