10 x 7" Strands of Amplifier Clear Quartz Crystal Beads - Beader's & Gridder's!


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10 x 7" Strands of Genuine Amplifier Clear Quartz Crystals Beads.

14.5 ounces = 410 grams = 2,340 Carats

These are not meant to be worn as bracelets on arrival.  They are the same beads as our Charged Amplifier Clear Quartz Bracelets it's just the some of the bands are frayed and did not make it past our Quality Control Team (my In-laws).

Some strands may have a broken bead or two, but most are very high quality beads. Some are included with Mica and Quartz.

Each Bracelet has roughly 14 - 16 beads that vary in size, but are generally 8mm thick and about 18mm long. You will receive approximately 140 - 160 beads on stretchy bracelet cords.

All have been double tumble polished.

Shipped Priority Mail (1-3 day delivery) and ship the same Postal day if you pay before 3:00pm Pacific.