How do you Charge & Cleanse Natural Gemstone Crystals & Jewelry with Selenite?

Dan Matejsek

How do you Charge & Cleanse Natural Gemstone Crystals & Jewelry with Selenite?

Welcome Lovely Human,

For those Metaphysically inclined folks, it is standard practice to utilize the Metaphysical Properties of Selenite & charge/cleanse other crystals & gemstones. We charge/cleanse all of our products in this manner & include a Selenite Charging Crystal with most of our Crystal Beauties. They come pre-charged with Selenite & come packaged with a Selenite charging crystal for your convenience and to keep them charged in transit & while waiting for you to adopt her. You can simply put the Beauty back in the cute Jewelry Box she came in with your charging crystal as often as you feel led.

For when to re-charge them, there's no boiler-plate answer I can give you, but to go with your intuition. If you've been wearing her during an extremely trying period of time and feel she's lost her energy vibe, place her back in the box with her charging crystal.

You could do it nightly, weekly, or whenever you feel she needs it.

If you are not Metaphysically inclined you have a beautiful Moroccan Selenite Crystal Specimen you can admire whenever you feel led. :-)

Depending on the Energy Healer or Metaphysician you speak to the Selenite Charging Crystal doesn't itself need charging. Most I have read or spoken to believe this. I tend to agree with this perspective.

I hope this is helpful to you, but each person's needs vary based on their unique journey. Go with your intuitive guidings. If you feel she needs it then go with that feeling.

Thank you for allowing me to take part in bringing Joy, Love, & Light into your life with the products I offer. It is truly an honor to be allowed to have an impact on your life & your family/friends.

Your Joy is my Joy & that is why I do this. My purposes is to bring you Joy, Delight, & Wonder with my beautiful crystal friends no matter how you use them. If they are doing this then we are succeeding in our purposes together.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you again. It is truly an honor I hold in high regard.

Dan (Chief Customer Servant)
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