Charged Faceted Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace Adjustable 17" - 19.5" 925 SS 3mm

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"CHARGED AAA-Gem Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace Adjustable 17" - 19.5" Sterling Silver 3mm Micro-faceted Beads Plus 925 USA Grade Sterling Silver! by ZENERGY GEMS™!"

Important: You will receive one (1) Adjustable 17 - 19.5 Inch Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace.  Two are shown in the photos to show the adjustable lengths.

Designed by Sonali Franke & hand-made by her Father's Company! Nickel-free Cadmium Free USA GRade Sterling SIlver and hypoallergenic!

Mirco-faceted AAA-Grade Rainbow Tourmaline Crystals

Your Faceted Genuine Precious Crystal Gemstone Necklace have been charged or re-charged in the Arizona Sun on Selenite Heart Crystal Logs for Metaphysical Energy Healing REIKI Benefits and comes with a Selenite Pocket Puffy Heart Charging Crystal!

Note: These are for you dearly loved customers with sensitive skin!

Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace Size: Adjustable from 17 - 19.5 inches (some minor variation in length due to natural product)

Rainbow Tourmaline Weight: ~60 Carats - 12 Grams

All photos taken in direct sunlight and are Photoshop free. 

Some images were taken with a 10x magnified lens to show detail and some with flash. Photos do not do it justice.

Trusted USA Seller with 100% Positive Feedback
30-day Refund/Return (shipping not included)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Description: I fell in love with these over a year ago and am finally able to share these with you.  These are custom designed by my new friend Sonali Franke. She has grown up in the Metaphysical Crystals world with her Father having been in the business for over 40 years. Sonali started working in the business full-time at 19 (45 years young now) and has two advanced level degrees and is a licensed Gemologist.  She designed these beauties herself and has allowed me to offer them to you. I hope you love them.

The are made from the best Rainbow Touramline Gemstone Crystals available.  Strung on Beadalon (USA Made) poly flex wire for durability and finished with a USA Grade (Nickel & Cadmium Free) Sterling Silver Extender with a faceted teardrop.  Please note Black Tourmaline of this translucent grade will often have a slightly greenish hue in certain light (you can see that in the photos).

Diana has worn one of these and loves her.  She says "these are fancy enough to wear to a black-tie ball, but not too fancy to wear every day.  They are VERY comfortable too!".

Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) & Metaphysical Value of Rainbow Tourmaline (Multi-Color):*** Rainbow Tourmaline is my way of describing these that have multi-colored Tourmaline. You'll find all of the following on these. Each earing set are closely matched and some appear more like Watermelon Tourmaline with mainly Red Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline and others with others colors mixed into the earing set.

Clear Tourmaline has many of the qualities of the other tourmalines but in a more low-key manner. It is extremely beneficial for the immune system and for detoxification of the entire body. It opens the 7th chakra and is beneficial for brain, nervous system and eye disorders.

Blue Tourmaline has the same basic qualities as green, red or watermelon tourmaline. It is especially beneficial for the upper torso (face, eyes and throat) and for the entire immune system. It has a religious nature. The dark blue, indigotourmaline acts upon the 6th and 7th chakras and the lighter blue tourmalines affect, balance and open the throat chakra.It's purpose is to teach spiritual oneness.

Red Tourmaline (and pink to a lesser degree) strengthens, grounds, warms and rejuvenates the body. It unites the heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina and steadiness. It is a perfect first chakra healing stone. It can help to bring emotional balance and devotion in a down-to-earth manner. It rules both the heart and root chakra. It will help one detach from personal pain. It has been said to stimulate fertility! It is very yang in energy. Pink tourmaline is said to inspire love, spirituality and creativity and helps uncover wisdom and enhance ones willpower.

Orange Tourmaline has all of the same characteristics as red tourmaline and activates the second chakra.

Yellow Tourmaline combines the advantages of red tourmaline with green tourmaline for a help in balancing and opening the third chakra. It helps to dispel blocked and repressed emotions and teaches one to be fearless in how they move through the world. This is achieved by teaching self-confidence and a belief in a higher power.

Green Tourmaline provides a gentle kind of shielding. When used in healing, it is a potent energy for releasing blockages from the inside out, healing holes in the aura and guarding against psychic vampires. Most people feel the effects of green tourmaline either in their heart or sinuses first.

Pink-Red-Purple Tourmaline Said to inspire love, spirituality and creativity, and to give wisdom and enhance one's willpower.

Watermelon Tourmaline said to be very effective in helping one to recover from emotional problems. Also all the properties of pink & green tourmalines.

***PLEASE NOTE: Neither the FDA or any other federal agency endorses or supports any of these claims or beliefs.  No scientific research has been done to substantiate these beliefs, but they have done federally financed studies on the power of faith & prayer and have proven that if you have faith & belief that you will gain healing...miracles can happen! Thankfully government agencies do not get to tell us what to believe! We do not guarantee any claims of benefit from the crystals we sell, but do guarantee their quality and your satisfaction 100%! You'll love them and they will love you back for as long as you own them.

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All of our crystals & stones are natural.  Because they are natural, each piece may have inclusions, natural lines, colors or indentations. This is a normal and part of the natural material.  All photos are taken in natural light or with a flash indoors. All images are Photoshop FREE.

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